Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church
Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
2014 Jackson HouseThanks to all who are donating to Jackson House Food collection. The monetary donations have been outstanding with over $8,000 donated so far this year! However, the weekly food donations have progressively declined.  To quote Janie Smith, Jackson House Director, "The donations of food that you send enables us to provide a great variety of food for people we distribute to. Without those donations, our food would always be the same each time."  Items that are in short supply include cereal, peanut butter, soups, rice, beans and mac-n-cheese.  Our donations are very important to Jackson House operations.

The demand for help at Jackson House is greater now that it's ever been. They've essentially expended all the monetary resources they have for helping families with extraordinary expenses for such things as rent, utilities, gas, prescriptions, etc.  Please continue to be generous.  This is a very fine organization that is a primary source of help for needy families.